Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Break-bone Fever in the Conch Republic

Key West by Kerne Erickson
I love Key West! With its predictably warm weather (even in January!), its lack of pretentiousness, and its welcoming attitude, what is there not to like about this little island? Well, apparently there is one thing: the latest issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases has a paper (full text here) on the reemergence of dengue in Key West.

Three clinical cases of dengue were acquired there in 2009, which prompted the CDC to investigate further. A serosurvey done in September 2009 showed that 3-5% of residents in the Old Town area had been recently infected. In 2010, an additional 63 clinical cases were reported.

I guess I'll have to take along some mosquito repellent next time I head to Margaritaville.


  1. This is worrying. You dont say what causes this or where you can catch it from?

    Is it mosquitos then?


  2. Dengue Fever is a viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes.