More on NTM as healthcare-associated pathogens

Since we began blogging about the link between heater-cooler units (HCUs) and M. chimaera infection, we’ve been contacted by people from across the country who are struggling with this problem. We’ve also heard from some nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) experts. Today we received an email from Dr. Joseph Falkinham, whose lab focuses on several aspects of the epidemiology, ecology, and genetics of NTM. He recently gave a webinar on NTM as an emerging waterborne hospital pathogen, providing excellent background information. You can download it here on his laboratory website, and I’ve also included the content below.

NTM aren’t on anyone’s short list of common healthcare-associated pathogens--but with their combination of ubiquity and low virulence, they’ll sneak up on you.


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