Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Changing Face of Transmission Prevention

Yesterday I gave a talk at a 3-day VA-sponsored conference titled: "Infection Prevention and Control in the 21st Century - It's Everybody's Business."  It was a well-attended conference in Dallas. Most of the talks were titled: "The changing face of..."  I focused my talk on how novel MRSA strains, mupirocin resistance and the increasing importance of Gram-negative bacteria will result in a shift toward horizontal infection-control interventions. Please note that the VA MRSA Initiative actually included 3 horizontal interventions (hand hygiene, culture change and support for an MRSA coordinator) and only one vertical intervention (surveillance swabs and isolation), so VA has made great strides in implementing horizontal infection-control interventions.

Just a reminder that Dan, Mike and I have posted many of our recent talks in a section called "Presentations" down a bit on the right-side column of our blog.

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