Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NIH Embraces Hand Hygiene - VIDEO!!!

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins sings "It's So Easy to Clean Your Hands"... and look out for David Henderson's back-up vocals - talent! All done to celebrate the NIH Clinical Center's first Hand-Hygiene Awareness Day.

h/t Monica Páez


  1. Why so many funny hand hygiene videos? (That actually aren't funny.) People treat it like a joke. It's not simple. The CDC Guideline in 2002 had, by my count, 47 distinct recommendations to implement. Thinking that complex problems - for example ones that involve things like the interaction of microbiology and human behavior - are simple is one of the main problems we face in improving patient safety. This is a 1-page summary of the CDC Recommendations that we made in 2005. http://www.patientsafety.gov/SafetyTopics/HandHygiene/1PageSummaryHandHygieneCDC.doc
    No joke.

  2. The video demonstrates an institutions endorsement across disciplines of a fundamental infection prevention mesage, delivered with good cheer and sense of humor. Congratulations to all participants.