"I am isolated here..."

The October issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology has an interesting paper on contact precautions by the University of Maryland group. This prospective cohort study of over 500 patients used standardized interviews to compare perceptions of inpatients who were cared for under contact precautions versus those who were not.

Patients who experienced contact precautions were twice as likely to report problems with their care. Specifically these patients noted poor care coordination and a lack of respect for their needs and preferences.

One particular quote from a patient stands out:
“I am isolated here. When people put on the gowns, I feel dirty and alone… [They] even had to wear them when I was being wheeled around for tests.”
So in a nutshell, another study tells us that contact precautions is a patient unfriendly intervention.

Photo:  Bob Tymcyszyn/QMI Agency in the Toronto Sun.


  1. I wouldn't want my hospital officials or staff to know this. in fact, this is not the first study with this kind of finding. but question is, what do we do then? with all these superbugs getting scarier by the day??


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