Friday, September 27, 2013

The Antimicrobial Hospital Room

Earlier this month I gave a talk at ICAAC where I shared my thoughts concerning the role that environmental coatings and antimicrobial textiles might play in limiting pathogen spread in hospital settings.  Several readers asked for copies of my talk, so I thought I'd just post a (moderately) modified version here.  In the same session, Mike gave an excellent talk describing the primary importance of hand hygiene, Andrew Stewardson discussed the counter point that hand hygiene wasn't the most important intervention and Andreas Widmer covered no touch disinfection methods (e.g. UV light hydrogen peroxide vapor). A great session - wish you were there!

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  1. You can smell a metal. Some kind of oxidation occurs that becomes airborne and may explain some of the
    findings. What about giving patients colloidal silver.