The Jumbo Squirting Bow Tie - Infection Prevention Dream Attire

There are so few effective interventions available to improve hand hygiene compliance. In addition, there are other infection policies, such as bare below the elbows, that are gaining acceptance as methods to prevent pathogen transmission. For example, Mike posted a few months ago about a JHI study that quantified the transmission of organisms from long vs short sleeved shirts and tie vs. no tie. The study reported that the lowest transmission from clinician to mannequin occurred when the attire was short sleeves and no tie. However, the significant flaw in this study was that ties were narrowly defined as neckties and excluded bow ties.

Enter a solution to all of our infection control problems: the Jumbo Squirting Bow Tie! This often overlooked clothing accessory is a veritable infection prevention dream. A bow tie can increase our professionalism and limit pathogen transmission. Add in the "Jumbo Squirting" action and you can squirt alcohol hand rub into the eyes of non-compliant clinicians (operant conditioning) and also into your own hands to improve compliance with the WHO 5 Moments. When you think about it, it doesn't get much better than that.

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