NIH KPC Outbreak - The Final Word?

We've covered CRE extensively over the past couple of years.  Never so extensively as we did when the 2011 NIH KPC outbreak was first publicized last August following the whole-genome sequencing report in Science Translational Medicine. Almost a year has past since that report and kerfuffle, so it is nice to see that Tara Palmore and David Henderson have found the time to share their experiences controlling the outbreak and the media storm that followed the publication of the original manuscript. They decided to label the section on the public reaction the "Unintended Consequences of Publication." This title is very disturbing, as it highlights why many outbreaks like these are never reported - publication bias. I'm glad they weren't afraid to publish again, so that we can all learn for this difficult outbreak. The report is freely available in PDF over at CID. I'll stop writing and let you get on with your required reading.


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