Infection Control Journals - Hooray!!!

Hanging out at the 1st ICPIC, yesterday.  Pretty exciting with ~1100 attendees from the whole world. Save the date for the next conference in Geneva - June 25-28, 2013.

While wandering about, I got a cool text message from Preeti Malani, an Associate Editor at ICHE, who informed me that the ICHE journal impact score is up to 3.751 - that's quite a huge jump in 1 year.  I suspect it will be even higher next year given the size of the 1-year jump.  Independent of how you feel about impact scores, it is still very good news for those of us that publish in this excellent and well-focused journal.  Given that promotion and tenure of medical school faculty often depend on publication in high impact journals, this is a big deal for academic types. Three cheers to the entire ICHE editorial board and especially Suzanne Bradley, whose tireless efforts should now be fully appreciated.

...and to emphasize that you can never rest on your laurels...Andreas Voss, the ICPIC co-chair, just announced a new BMC journal titled - Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control (ARIC).  The website for submissions is not yet active, but I will post the info when it becomes available.


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