World MRSA Day: troisième partie

The Third Annual, World MRSA Day kicks off in Chicago again this year.  I have pasted the speakers and awardee lists below for your enjoyment. The event kicks off on October 1, but the actual day is October 2, 2011.  It seems like this should be held next year in a place other than Chicago. Perhaps the Netherlands? I heard they had low MRSA rates.
Keynote Speaker is Dr. William R. Jarvis of Jason & Jarvis Associates LLC, a world-renowned MRSA expert and formerly with the CDC. Rob Stafford, anchor of the NBC Chicago evening news and contributing correspondent for NBC Dateline is the emcee. Dr. Jorge Parada, Associate Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist at Loyola University Health System also will be presenting and MRSA survivors and their family members will speak and share their personal stories.
2011 awards: Barry M. Farr M.D., Emeritus of UVA is recipient of the "Humanitarian Award" for his outstanding work, dedication and service to raising awareness and preventing MRSA infections. "Man of the Year" award recipient is Loren G. Miller, M.D. M.P.H., Associate Professor of Medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine and investigator of CA-MRSA treatment and prevention at the Los Angeles BioMedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and 'Woman of the Year' is Illinois State Representative Patti Bellock. The "Public Service" award is presented to the Veterans Administration Health System for their exemplary dedication to patient safety in preventing MRSA infections. Loyola University Health System will receive the "Hospital Leader Award" for their dedication in reducing MRSA infections using ADI.


  1. Hmm. Invitation seems to have blown off the porch again.

  2. I'm not sure anyone needs an invitation to this event.
    I attended 2 years ago when I was struggling with grief over my own father's HA MRSA death and working with legislators in Maine to get a mandate for ADI. It was a heart warming, emotional, educational and also an uplifting event for me. Listening to an honest account of the MRSA epidemic problem from Dr Jarvis and other experts was refreshing. To hear about the success of ADI in the Evanston Ill hospitals and elsewhere gave me hope for Maine. I had listened to IC experts in Maine tell me that the problem was minimal, not that big a deal, etc, while at the same time Maine had the 4th highest Prevalence of MRSA in the 2007 APIC prevalence study. I have met dozens of suffering victims here in Maine and if I worked harder at bringing them out....I know there would be hundreds, possibly thousands. Of course MRSA is rarely listed on the cause of death on death certificates, so there is no reliable number of MRSA deaths in our State. I believe the number would be shocking. MRSA case numbers and reporting manipulation and control by Hospitals is prevalent. Wound clinics are full of MRSA patients....from our hospitals and nursing homes. As far as I know, 85% of all MRSA cases still comes from unsafe healthcare. Our LTCs deal with MRSA all the time...on a huge scale. The Maine Prevalence study showed up to 40% prevalence of MRSA colonization in LTC patients. So, World MRSA Day is very significant, and deserves our attention and respect. It memorializes the victims and their survivors worldwide. To disregard or make fun of World MRSA Day is disrespectful to the hundreds of thousands of MRSA victims and/or their survivors world wide.

  3. Kathy. I think you might be confusing having fun with making fun. I wrote this post sitting next to Dr. Jarvis in Annecy, France at the World HAI Forum, hence my attempt at saying "Part 3" for the 3rd annual MRSA Day. No physician would make fun of MRSA or patients that suffer from MRSA. Some might disagree with the optimal method for preventing MRSA infections, but NO ONE would make fun of the human suffering that occurs at the hands of MRSA infected patients. Apology accepted.


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