Calling all hand hygiene observers!

Tired of clumsy clipboards, cumbersome data entry, and nerdy pocket protectors for your pens and pencils?

Then try iScrub Lite, a handy (and free!) new app developed here at Iowa by Phil Polgreen and colleagues. iScrub allows you to record hand hygiene adherence on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad, and automatically e-mail the datafile to the account of your choice. It is CDC and WHO-approved, and will be discussed during this CDC COCA phone call next week:

Title: New Frontiers in Implementation and Measurement of Hand Hygiene Practices
Presenters: Katherine Ellingson, PhD (DHQP) and Christopher Hlady, PhD Candidate (University of Iowa)
Date: May 4, 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 1:00pm- 2:00pm EST
Call-in: 1-800-779-7680
Passcode: 5831606
Please note that this COCA call will utilize a new webinar format. Use the links below to access the webinar presentation during the call.
Direct Access
In the event that you cannot access the web portion directly use:
Conference ID: PW7659840
Audience Passcode: 5831606


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