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Last week I posted an idea on the 2011 VHA Employee Innovation Website.  Now VA employees are being asked to vote.  The instructions say that I should share my idea with my colleagues - that would be you. If you work for the VA and like my idea, please vote! Hvala lijepa.

Idea Title: Driving Patient Safety with Point-of-Use Signs for Hand Washing

Idea Description: One of the biggest threats to patient safety is hospital-acquired infections. Hand hygiene is the #1 method for preventing the spread of infections. VA has done a great job placing alcohol hand rub dispensers in patient care areas, but hand washing isn't 100%. Placing point-of-use reminder signs directly next to hand-rub/soap dispensers to encourage providers to wash their hands has potential to significantly improve hand washing compliance. Signs that offer encouragement and information and not just say employees must wash hands would be simple to design, test, implement and be very cost-effective.

Vote: Here


  1. Hand hygiene promotion is like painting the Golden Gate bridge. You spend years doing it North to South then you start all over again on the North end. We developed a bunch of excellent posters coming at the problem from just about every angle about 5 years ago. The link is here: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/flu/materials/posters_hand_hygiene.asp#hand
    The point of contact is the VA Office of Public Health.
    I now work for AHRQ. I left VA a year ago.
    Noel Eldridge


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